Unlicensed visual

You may be seeing UNLICENSED in the top right corner of your visual. This could be due to one or many of the following reasons:

  1. License details are not provided. Please check License Details section of Format visual panel.

  2. License is expired. Please check the date in License name. If it is expired, please renew or buy the license.

  3. License is for different visual. When the license was generated, it was generated by choosing different visual. In this case, license will not be accepted on Power BI Desktop.

  4. Invalid Power BI environment. when the license is generated, it is generated for wrong license tier (team/organization/enterprise/embedded). In this case, license will be accepted on Power BI Desktop, but it will show unlicensed on the respective Power BI platform.

If your case is not any of those, please contact support.