About PBIVizEdit

The idea of PBIVizEdit emerged from our own experience as Power BI users, when we faced frustrating limitations around visuals in Power BI. Coming from a Tableau background, we were long used to Tableau’s high flexibility in creating visuals as we wanted it.

We explored existing marketplace visuals, as well as Charticulator, but realized that both had their own limitations. Marketplace visuals were ready to use but very limited and the price was too steep. Charticulator was amazingly flexible but even with our technical background, the learning curve was too high. And took too long to create simple visuals. After coming across similar issues faced by people in Forum and Marketplace, need for a data tool which could help overcome this barrier, became apparent to us.

We have created PBIVizEdit, which is somewhere in between those two extremes. This tool is built for speed, low priced and has a low learning curve – we hope this enables you to power your visuals even better.