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All our non-certified visuals follow the same protocols as certified and your data is 100% secured just like a certified visual. We do not collect, store, or transmit any information for any of our visuals. The Certified visuals have additionally been reviewed by Microsoft and have their stamp of approval.
Certified visuals are primarily required when you want to export the report to pdf or powerpoint. A non-certified visual cannot be exported to these two formats. There are sometimes additional features that a certified visual may have as compared to the corresponding non-certified option.
We recommend taking the non-certified visual if the feature you are interested is present in the non-certified visual and you are not concerned with export to pdf or powerpoint.
If you purchase the certified visual suite, the corresponding non-certified visuals (though with reduced features in some cases) are included. But if you need additional visuals from the non-certified suite that are not present in the certified visuals suite, then you will need to separately purchase either the individual non-certified visual or the non-certified visual suite.
Certified visuals have to be separately maintained to comply with Microsoft's requirements. Getting a visual certified takes as long as 6-8 weeks for the same. The pricing reflects the much higher additional effort in creating and maintaining the certified visuals.
Microsoft has a time taking process for visual certification that has multiple steps and takes over 6 weeks. We are in process of certifying more visuals and will publish it on our website as well as AppSource as we get to those. But please bear with us while we navigate through this tedious process.
Please send a request to We will do our best to prioritize the certification process for the visual that you are interested in.
Currently, we are in the process of obtaining PBI certification from Microsoft for select non-certified visuals. We expect to have most of our visuals certified by Q1 2023
The pbix files work with Power BI service. Since these are not ‘certified’, the limitation is that they cannot be exported to pdf/ppt.
Unlike the certified visuals, the non-certified visuals are not individually created and maintained. As a result, it takes time for us to implement the same features into the non-certified visuals. We expect to have a majority of our visuals certified by Q1 2023.
Purchasing the suite allows you to significantly expand your custom visuals inventory and choose from a wide variety of visuals. No more struggling to fit your dashboard within the 37 default visuals that Power BI has. And all this at a fraction of price (as low as $0.20 per user per month) that you pay for your Power BI subscription.
Purchasing all your custom visuals from us also helps you with
    1. Consistent user experience - All custom visuals have similar interface and give a consistent user experience.
    2. Easy procurement, upgrades and support.
If you want only 2 visuals, you will have to purchase them through two separate transactions. Creating custom packages increases our burden of maintenance which will force us to raise prices. We want to keep the prices low for all and so, a separate package for select custom visuals is not possible.
Yes, we will continue to update our editor to ensure that custom visualizations created with our Editor continue to work smoothly with Power BI.
Getting a visual certified requires additional efforts that includes cleaning up the code, following Microsoft's long process of submitting the information for certification. There will be additional cost per visual if you really want them certified.
Please send an email to and we can consider your request on a per case basis.
The editor is a tool to create custom visuals with simple mouse click and select. There is a much higher flexibility to create additional custom visuals that we do not offer yet. For example, our customers have created visuals with 5 Y Axis, combination of upto 4 charts, and so on.

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