Product updates

7.10.0 (Current)

Released on: 13 July 2024
new Formatting model has been migrated to new visual api. Now you should see more organized properties.
bug [Polar] Bar and Line colors have been applying correctly.
bug Label trimming and tick position was not working. It is fixed now.


Released on: 19 May 2024
new Custom fonts can now be added while generating a custom visual.
bug [Combo Charts] Custom formatting is not applied for bubble, line and area text labels.
bug Axis label formats are not applied correctly. They ignored currency symbol
bug When label trimming is enabled and visual data is empty, it crashes.


Released on: 05 May 2024
new Polar chart visual added in Beta phase. It supports polar scatter, bar, line, spline, area, spline area with/without stacking, all in one visual
new New version of Standard visuals Suite have been released.
bug [Pie] When there is no data for a slice, pie crashes.
bug At times scroll bars do not appear in the chart.
bug Fonts that have space in the name (e.g. Times New Roman) do not apply correctly.
bug Visual fails to generate when an un-configured series exists in the configuration.
bug visuals were not generated when there is an empty series or unused axis.


Released on: 11 Feb 2024
new Candlestick visual is released in beta phase.
new Long axis labels can now be trimmed in various ways: trimEnd, trimStart, ellipses in start/end/middle, break into 2 lines and break into multiple lines


Released on: 27 Jan 2024
new Stacked Vertical Funnel visual is released in beta phase.
new Stacked Horizontal Funnel visual is released in beta phase


Released on: 20 Jan 2024
new Dual Axis Scatter Chart visual is added into Certified Suite.
new Dumbbell Column Chart and Dumbbell Bar Chart are added to website in beta.
bug Up and down buttons were scrolling along with fields in Export visual dialog in fields tab. Fixed now.
bug Bubble traces are now not clipped by axes


Released on: 17 Dec 2023
new Histogram visual is added into Standard and Certified Suite.


Released on: 08 Oct 2023
new Generated visual now supports eslist instead of tslint as per Microsoft guidelines
new Accept 4 places version number in Version textbox while generating a visual
bug chart is cut sometimes when report is loaded.
bug Label displays NaN when plotly format is applied with custom formatting (%{text:0.2f}) and it is made bold at the same time.
bug Internal Aggregations were not working correctly


Released on: 19 Aug 2023
new New Charts added (beta phase): Funnel and Stacked Funnel
bug [Regression]: Error bars stopped working in 7.3.0. fixed now.


Released on: 12 Aug 2023
new New Charts added (beta phase): Histogram, Candlestick and 'Box and Whisker with points'
new Ability to add error band is now implemented in Standard Suite via Analytics Dialog.
new Visuals now support reference lines, bands and error bars when Small multiple is enabled.
new Reference lines, bands etc. now respect categorical data
new Standard series of visuals can now accept licenses of corresponding Pro series visual
new Reference line label can be vertical
new Improvement in documentation
new [Dual axis scatter chart] now has 2 more fields and is a part of standard suite.
new [Advanced Line Chart] now supports 8 fields instead of 4
bug On Power BI Desktop, PDF/PPT is now exported correctly.
bug In Tooltip, default formats are now supported.
bug [Pie Charts]: Auto format is now applied correctly.
bug User can now enter Key based license When Microsoft AppSource license is expired.


Released on: 28 May 2023
new Ability to add reference line, band and error bars is now implemented and released in beta phase.
new Supported different grid line styles for an axis.
new 'Dual axis scatter chart', 'Stacked lipstick Column Chart' and 'Stacked Lipstick Bar Chart' are upgraded.
bug [Line Charts]: In conditional colors, Data as color is now working for line chart
bug Editor is not getting saved when a column header starts with $ symbol


Released on: 09 Apr 2023
new [Pie Charts] Show total value for pie in label.
new [Pie Charts] Add scrolls when there are multiple pie charts due to small multiple.
new [Pie Charts] Add a separate section for Donut charts.
new [Sorting] Change axes ticks order independent of data sorting.
new Visuals generated by Editor now supports fetching unlimited data.
new Power BI API version 4.7.0 is now used to generate visuals. Earlier it was 3.8.0
bug [Line Charts]: Data does not automatically populate in conditional color dialog when 'Add all value' button is clicked.
bug [Bubble Charts]: When small multiple is used with bubble charts, each sub chart show bubble relative size independently.
bug When opacity is 0 for a series and a point is selected in Power BI visual, other points of the series becomes visible.
bug Visual does not show leading 0 in labels when format is changed to million or billions and value is small
bug Instead of Opacity, now editor is migrated to work on Transparency. Also instead of fractional value, it works on percentage of transparency.


Released on: 04 Mar 2023
new [Area Charts] User should be able to exclude some area charts from stacking.
new [Axis]: Allow user to select axis label joining in forward and reverse order when drilldown is enabled in Power BI.
new [Axis]: Tick interval can now be set in Power BI. It is exposed under Layout (Advanced) in Format tab in Export visual dialog.
new Unlicensed link in visual now redirects to the website and give clear message about error.
bug [Bubble Charts]: Legend size becomes very small with bubble size. Now bubble size is constant.
bug [Pie Charts]: Inner Radius and Explosion properties should be based on percentage instead of fraction.
bug [Tooltips]: Custom Visual now shows dates in Power BI field format.
bug [Date Axis]: Custom visual does not accept date ranges in From and To fields in Power BI Format panel.
bug [Date Axis]: Tick interval is now working. User M<number> define ticks for date axis.
bug During data load in visual, landing page should not be visible.
bug [Legend] When legend is shown in top-left position and number of points are very high, chart starts far from left.
bug [Small Multiple] Power BI visual throws error when small multiple is used along with multi-category axis.
bug Max font size changed from 20 to 60 in custom visual in all font size related properties


Released on: 15 Jan 2023
new Generated visual now has landing page and info dialog
new Allow at least 5000 data points in the visual. As of now ONLY 1000 data points are allowed by default.
new Aggregate data when multiple data points with same category exists.
new Better license management introduced. This result in revoking Organisation license and introducing Enterprise License.
bug [Multi-Category] Visual getting crashed for multiple data mapped under category along with legend
bug [Bar Charts] When legend is used for bar charts, its categories are displayed in random order.
bug [Security] Potential XSS attacks mitigated in generated visuals


Released on: 04 Dec 2022
new Color and Sorting buttons are now placed properly and they can be hidden from format panel -> Layout -> Show/hide toolbar.
new [Lipstick Column/Bar Chart] One more field is added for comparison.
new [Clustered Stacked Column Chart] Color fields are introduced to allow user to color bars based on any attribute.
new [Clustered Stacked Column/Bar Chart] Bar offset is introduced in visual format pane of Power BI.
new [Clustered Stacked Column/Bar Chart] Tooltip aggregation has been updated to show 'First' category type instead of 'count'.
bug [Bar] Generated visual shows back slash in format panel but pattern is not shown in bar, fixed.
bug [Performance] resizing visual does not affect inner chart unless resizing is over. This should improve resizing performance of visual.
bug [Multiple Axes Chart] Chart has now become usable and reflects current offering.
bug [Horizontal/Vertical Bullet Chart] Marker property in format panel now shows line correctly. Before it used to show circle.
bug [Overlapping Bar Chart] Default scroll behavior is changed from horizontal to vertical.
bug [Overlapping Bar/Column Chart] Labels were placed at the bottom of the bar. Now they are at the top of the bar.
bug [Clustered Stacked Bar Chart] Default scroll behavior is changed from horizontal to vertical.
bug [Clustered Stacked Bar Chart] Zoom now works for x axis. Also by default zoom is 'off'
bug [Dual Y Axis column Chart] Fields name are updated in Power BI fields panel


Released on: 13 Nov 2022
new [Theme] Allow user to change theme colors for a specific visual.
new [Pie] Clean format panel for pie charts.
new [Pie] Support Small multiple for pie charts.
new [Pie] Allow pie relative sizes when small multiple is used.
new [Pie] Allow labels to be bold, italic and underline.
new [Pie] Support label formatting in Pie chart.
bug Line Chart renamed to Advanced Line chart.
bug Images and name updated for Dual X/Y Axis Combo charts.
bug [Conditional Colors] When first series does not bind to colors but others bind, Colors button does not come on visual.
bug [Pie] Pie chart is crashing when it is mapped with two categories.
bug [Pie] Tooltip and click are not working.
bug [Bubble] bubble size should manipulate area and not diameter.


Released on: 09 Oct 2022
new Support Small multiple. Basic functionality for small multiple is support for any combination of line, bar, bubble or area chart.
bug Allow report scrolling when visual is scrolled to its horizontal limits.
bug Line chart leaves lots of empty space in the beginning and in the end when either label or marker is shown. To enable, enable manual range on the axis without providing range.
bug Visual does not load after saving and opening report when Conditional colors are used.
bug When Axis Type is chosen Category OR Multi-category, bars looses their position and shifts incorrectly on axis
bug When same field is used for Tooltip and other attributes, It appears twice in tooltip
bug Format properties for Bubble, Line and Area charts are corrected in Export visual dialog.
bug At times, Power BI Desktop throws error when only first field is provided and rest of the fields are not provided.
bug When first value plotted on x or y axis of a chart is null, chart throws error and becomes blank.


Released on: 10 Sept 2022
new Allow user to define color rules in the generated visual. User should export visual with Categorical Colors property in Export Dialog->Format tab.
new Axis title and Series Labels (except pie) can now be made italic, bold and underline.
new Chart labels (except pie) can now be formatted in default power bi formats, millions, billions, etc.
new Support axis zoom. This is governed by 'Allow zoom' property under VisualAttributes -> [axis] -> General.
new Show range slider on x-axis. Governed by 'Show range slider' property under Visual Attributes -> [x1] -> General.
new Format properties are now grouped correctly for Bar charts, Legend, Chart and axis. For Bubble, Line, Area and Pie, they are yet to follow.
new Support scrolling on horizontal/vertical/both axis with categorical data. Governed by Visual Attributes -> Chart Style -> Scroll section.
new Multi-category data type (only 2 levels) is supported now for axis
new Tooltip dimension need to be automatically default to First value. The tooltip field must allow only 'Measure' for this feature to work
new 'Top right' and 'Bottom right' positions added for Legend
bug When data labels are inside bar, its font-size does not change.


Released on: 14 Aug 2022
new Legend for a series can be configured either X-Axis, Y-Axis, None or Auto. in case of Y-Axis caption of field that is on Y-Axis will be bound
new Axis title can now be computed automatically. If user wants, (s)he can override it
new Chart labels (except pie) can now be formatted in default power bi formats, millions, billions, etc.
new Chart Tooltips now take default format if it is not defined in Power BI
new Range of two axis can be synchronized automatically
new User can now change Categorical colors for Bar chart combinations
bug Empty series in visual editor show errors 'Unable to generate visual. Please contact support'.


Released on: 10 Mar 2022
new Feedback/Report Issue button introduced at the top by which user can notify issue directly from the tool.
new Show watermark when user changes a property in trial visual.
bug When data returned by Power BI is more than demanded, visual crashes and displays blank.


Released on: 31 Jan 2022
new Power BI tooltips are now supported if tooltip template is not given.
new Add interactivity into visual by selection.
new Support Power BI bookmarks


Released on: 29 Dec 2021
new Support default font, size and color for whole chart.
bug Default format properties were not coming when user does not export any.
bug User should be able to choose transparent background for chart.


Released on: 23 Nov 2021
new User should be able to choose an visual icon.
new Support drilldown in the visual.


Released on: 02 Aug 2021
new Charts can now support Legend column that allow data to be grouped into multiple series.
new Bar charts can now support patterns.
bug Bar color doesn't always change when user changes color in visual.
bug Data grid does not scroll in Firefox.
bug When cell data is overflown in data grid, cell height increases giving a weird look to data grid.


Released on: 09 Jul 2021
new Specify axis range when axis is flipped.
new Visual performance improvements.
new Apply series colors based on rule-set, categories and support gradients.
bug When data to plot has zero or false values, visual does not display data correctly.
bug Colors selected in the visual editor are not applied when the visual is used in Power BI.


Released on: 08 Jun 2021
new Pre-configured visuals can be presented into Gallery.
new Gallery can be accessed from the app. Any visual from the visual can be imported, optionally modified and exported as visual.
new Theme selected by user is saved.
new Default sorting options of Power BI are now enabled.
new 'allow zoom and pan' is disabled. We are not sure this will be useful to the user.
bug For horizontal bars, chart captions are calculated incorrectly.
bug Rows should start from 1 (instead of 0) in the data grid.
bug Data grid crashing at times when data is provided.
bug Present visual editors sorted by its name.
bug 'Make a Copy' action should create visual editor with names 'copy (n)'.