Product updates

6.9.0 (Current)

Released on: 10 Sept 2022
new Allow user to define color rules in the generated visual. User should export visual with Categorical Colors property in Export Dialog->Format tab.
new Axis title and Series Labels (except pie) can now be made italic, bold and underline.
new Chart labels (except pie) can now be formatted in default power bi formats, millions, billions, etc.
new Support axis zoom. This is governed by 'Allow zoom' property under VisualAttributes -> [axis] -> General.
new Show range slider on x-axis. Governed by 'Show range slider' property under Visual Attributes -> [x1] -> General.
new Format properties are now grouped correctly for Bar charts, Legend, Chart and axis. For Bubble, Line, Area and Pie, they are yet to follow.
new Support scrolling on horizontal/vertical/both axis with categorical data. Governed by Visual Attributes -> Chart Style -> Scroll section.
new Multi-category data type (only 2 levels) is supported now for axis
new Tooltip dimension need to be automatically default to First value. The tooltip field must allow only 'Measure' for this feature to work
new 'Top right' and 'Bottom right' positions added for Legend
bug When data labels are inside bar, its font-size does not change.


Released on: 14 Aug 2022
new Legend for a series can be configured either X-Axis, Y-Axis, None or Auto. in case of Y-Axis caption of field that is on Y-Axis will be bound
new Axis title can now be computed automatically. If user wants, (s)he can override it
new Chart labels (except pie) can now be formatted in default power bi formats, millions, billions, etc.
new Chart Tooltips now take default format if it is not defined in Power BI
new Range of two axis can be synchronized automatically
new User can now change Categorical colors for Bar chart combinations
bug Empty series in visual editor show errors 'Unable to generate visual. Please contact support'.


Released on: 10 Mar 2022
new Feedback/Report Issue button introduced at the top by which user can notify issue directly from the tool.
new Show watermark when user changes a property in trial visual.
bug When data returned by Power BI is more than demanded, visual crashes and displays blank.


Released on: 31 Jan 2022
new Power BI tooltips are now supported if tooltip template is not given.
new Add interactivity into visual by selection.
new Support Power BI bookmarks


Released on: 29 Dec 2021
new Support default font, size and color for whole chart.
bug Default format properties were not coming when user does not export any.
bug User should be able to choose transparent background for chart.


Released on: 23 Nov 2021
new User should be able to choose an visual icon.
new Support drilldown in the visual.


Released on: 02 Aug 2021
new Charts can now support Legend column that allow data to be grouped into multiple series.
new Bar charts can now support patterns.
bug Bar color doesn't always change when user changes color in visual.
bug Data grid does not scroll in Firefox.
bug When cell data is overflown in data grid, cell height increases giving a weird look to data grid.


Released on: 09 Jul 2021
new Specify axis range when axis is flipped.
new Visual performance improvements.
new Apply series colors based on rule-set, categories and support gradients.
bug When data to plot has zero or false values, visual does not display data correctly.
bug Colors selected in the visual editor are not applied when the visual is used in Power BI.


Released on: 08 Jun 2021
new Pre-configured visuals can be presented into Gallery.
new Gallery can be accessed from the app. Any visual from the visual can be imported, optionally modified and exported as visual.
new Theme selected by user is saved.
new Default sorting options of Power BI are now enabled.
new 'allow zoom and pan' is disabled. We are not sure this will be useful to the user.
bug For horizontal bars, chart captions are calculated incorrectly.
bug Rows should start from 1 (instead of 0) in the data grid.
bug Data grid crashing at times when data is provided.
bug Present visual editors sorted by its name.
bug 'Make a Copy' action should create visual editor with names 'copy (n)'.