PBI VizEdit helps you to create Power BI custom visuals which otherwise are not available in Power BI. It is a do-it-yourself solution to create a custom visual without writing a single line of code.

Why you should use PBI VizEdit?

Your organization may require dashboards which need visualizations not available in Power BI. To provide such visualizations:

  1. you end up buying 3rd party visuals.
  2. You setup a development team which writes code to develop required visualizations.

3rd party visuals may/may not fulfill your exact need. Also, both the above solutions are not only expensive but time consuming too, in terms of license procurement/searching required visuals or writing code.

PBI VizEdit fills this gap by allowing you to create your own visual which can be imported in Power BI. The whole process of creating visual and utilizing it in Power BI require time in the tune of 10 minutes!

What PBI VizEdit is not?

PBI VizEdit comes with a set of predefined primitive charts (like bar, line, etc.). With the help of those you create complex visualizations by combining them each other. If your visualization can't be composed with basic charts, PBI VizEdit may not offer any help.

Who can use PBI VizEdit?

  • Power BI consultancy firms
  • Teams which are developing Power BI dashboards for their companies
  • Freelancers who design Power BI dashboards