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Forever free with 3 months visual expiry. No credit card required to register.
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best for individuals who are designing dashboards once in a while

$ 4.99 /visual download
no upfront cost
use a visual unlimited times in your reports
2 visual editors
best for freelancers who are designing dashboards for clients

$ 6.99 /month
generate unlimited visuals
use a visual unlimited times in your reports
10 visual editors
best for consulting group or corporate

$ 9.99 /user/month
generate unlimited visuals
use a visual unlimited times in your reports
50 visual editors per user
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Frequently asked questions
Is my card information safe?
Yes. Billing is handled by stripe who are Level 1 PCI compliant. We do not keep card information on our servers.
Can I cancel the plan?
Yes. You can cancel your plan anytime but you are not entitled to a refund, once a plan is subscribed. Your account will remain active for the current billing cycle.
Is there a setup fee?
No. there is no setup fee on any of our plans.
Do I need to enter my payment details on Sign up?
No. Sign up does not require you to put credit card details.
Can I upload visuals generated by PBI VizEdit on internet?
No. You are not permitted to upload the visuals on internet, including Microsoft marketplace, etc. You are only entitled to use them within your organization or for the organization your are providing services to.
Can I create any visual I can imagine?
No. You can not create any visual you can think of. Though we cater common use-cases and we intend to expand the library of visuals going forward.
Does the generated visual have an expiry date?
Visuals generated with paid subscriptions do not have an expiry date. You can use them as long as you want and in as many projects as you need.
How do you provide support?
We provide support via e-mail. For paid subscriptions, you can expect an answer to your requests within 2 business days.
Why are you charging and not giving free?
We are a group of developers and are obliged to run our families. Development of this service has demanded a considerable amount of our time. Further to maintain this service and to serve you better, we need money.
Is my data safe?
Yes. Your data is securely stored on AWS (US zone) and all communication happens over SSL. Your passwords are hashed as soon as they arrive and no one including us can see your passwords. For added layer of security, we recommend you not to create your visuals with sensitive data of your organization and use sample data instead.