How PBI VizEdit is different from Charticulator

This post discusses differences between charticulator and PBI VizEdit

Charticulator is another tool provided by Microsoft to create custom visuals. On the face of it charticulator looks similar to what PBI VizEdit is doing. But actually they are different tools targeting different set of customers. Following list determines the differences in the two tools:

  1. Charticulator allows you to think in terms of shapes, Plot segments, glyphs, etc. PBI VizEdit allows you to break down your chart as a composition of series of lines, points, bars, etc.

  1. Charticulator is difficult to use and it has a limited set of control for tooltips etc. PBI VizEdit allows you to give more control on different aspects of visual.

  1. Once you generate the visual, charticulator provides you little help if you happen to generate your visual again. In PBI VizEdit, your visual editor files are saved with-in the tool. If you happen to generate the visual again, you can do that without worrying about it getting lost.

  1. Charticulator is more versatile in terms of visual design and comes with the cost of complexity. If your chart designs can not be composed of simple bars, lines, points, etc. then Charticulator is probably a better tool. Otherwise, PBI VizEdit should work better.

Give yourself a try to both the tools and feel the difference.

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