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PBI VizEdit is Power BI custom visual generation service to build custom visuals without writing code.

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Power BI is a leading and powerful data analytics tool offered by Microsoft. It is used across industries to aggregate and visualize data in meaningful ways.

Power BI comes with several visualizations options for you. These visualizations are called visuals in Power BI. They are good for simpler needs of data visualization. As soon as you come across a complex visualization need or want to change some attributes of the visualization not available in format panel, you are stuck. You end up compromising with the current set of visuals available in Power BI.

There are a few alternate ways to fulfill such requirements. These are:

  1. Search marketplace and find the exact visualization you require.

In this approach, you may/may not get what you are looking for. Not only this, it requires you to search and experiment the visual which is a time consuming process.

  1. You can buy custom visuals from 3rd party vendors.

This approach requires you to pay recurring license fees which again, may/may not fulfill your need.

  1. You can write your own code either in R or Javascript.

This approach requires you to understand, write and maintain code blocks.

  1. You develop your visual in charticulator.

Charticulator is an advanced tool that requires expertise. Not only that, you need to control each and every aspect of your visual which is cumbersome.

PBI VizEdit intends to fulfill these requirements. It lets you upload sample data, design your visual from the primitive charting options and generate a complex custom visual for very less price.

You can check tutorials, register with PBI VizEdit and give it a try..

If you have any question, feel free to contact us.


PBI VizEdit team

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