Lipstick Column (Pro)

Create lipstick Column, overlapped column or thermometer columns to compare multiple values against each other for a given category. Columns can be hollow, semi-transparent, have patterns or plain color.
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Lipstick Column (Pro) visual gives you quicker, better and attractive visualization where you can compare 2 or 3 values for a category. For example, planned vs. actual expenses, current vs. previous year sales, estimated vs actual revenue or target vs actual achievements.
It shows major trend on the foreground and the minor trend behind the major for a precise comparison of both values.


Some of the business cases where Lipstick Column (Pro) can be used are:

  • actual vs. target sales per salesperson/division/product.
  • budget vs. expense per project.


Using Lipstick Column (Pro) visual you can create, variations of overlay columns. For example:

  • thermometer column chart
  • column overlap chart
  • column chart with patterns

Feature available

  • column offset, width, color and transparency
  • finer formatting for patterns
  • custom label formatting
  • general Power BI formatting available
  • supports tooltip page
  • supports drill down
  • supports bookmarks

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