Change the properties of area under this section.


  • X axis: Choose on which X axis you want to plot your series. It has two options Primary and Secondary.
  • Y axis: Similar to X axis property field, choose whether you want to plot your series on Primary Y axis or Secondary.

Note – These formatting properties are currently available only in our advance visuals like Dual X-axis Combo Chart, Dual Y-axis Combo Chart, Advanced Line Chart and Multiple Vertical Line Charts.

Area properties


  • Fill style: Determines the way the area is filled. Choose from Do not fill, till axis, till the previous area chart or fill area enclosed by self.
  • Customize the Color and Opacity (transparency) of the area fill. Opacity value ranges from 0 to 1, 0 being complete transparent.

Properties related to Line enclosing the area


  • Show or hide the line enclosing the area by toggling show line button.
  • Change the color, opacity (transparency) and width of the line. Opacity value ranges from 0 to 1, 0 being complete transparent.
  • Connect gaps: If there are missing data points causing the graph to be non-continuous. Enable this field to extrapolate the line and join the gaps.
  • Line Style: Customize the style of the line. Choose from options like Solid, Dot, Dash etc.
  • Line Shape: Can change the shapes of line and create Smooth lines, Stepped variations by selecting the options in this field.

Properties related to Line markers


  • Enable or disable the markers on the line with help of the field Show markers.
  • Change the color, opacity (transparency) and size of the marker. Opacity value ranges from 0 to 1, 0 being complete transparent.
  • Marker Shape: 20+ options are available to customize the shape of marker.
  • Outline: Enable Show outline only to show only the outline for the marker (closed shape). Can also customize the outline’s thickness and color.

Properties related to Data labels


  • Show labels: Enable/disable the data labels by toggling the On/Off button.
  • Customize the position of data labels, number format, size and color, and make them bold, italicized and/or underlined.